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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Writers in the Storm Blog

Writers in the Storm Blog was founded by Laura Drake, Jenny Hansen, Sharla Rae, Fae Rowen and D.A. Watt a talented group of authors who share their knowledge and expertise in many areas of writing. Subjects covered are editing, proofreading, copyrights, ISBN, royalties, contest judges, keyboard shortcuts, writing links, word menus, research and many other facets of writing not mentioned here.

Each week guest bloggers are featured such as Lyn Horner, Linda O. Johnston and, most recently, Karen White. Their topics include publishing with Amazon, embedding your bookcover and getting your ebook noticed. They even offer fun contests to get us all involved in writing!

Please stop by Writers in the Storm and get to know this great group of writers and their contributers at:


  1. Thanks for the plug Cara. And for those of you who don't know, Cara was in my TX crit group. The lady can plot! I just wrote a blog about crit groups at WITS too. I have a great crit group but I do Miss my TX "pardners." :)

  2. Sharla, thank you for the vote of confidence in the plotting dept. We miss you, too, wish we could get together more often! Keep blogging, I'm still learning from you and your crit group/bloggers. Carra

  3. Thanks for the linky love to Writers In The Storm, Carra!! And on a personal front, every critique group offers a writer skills so I know part of the magnificence I get from Sharla came from you. :-)

  4. Jenny, Thank you for visiting Texas skies and you are welcome for the link. Hope it brings in new readers. Thank you, too, for the compliment. I would love to meet you and your crit group members sometime. Sharla speaks highly of you and treasures your time together. Stop by again if you have the time.

  5. Hi Carra,

    Love the new look for the blog - you get the whole picture and a taste of what's below. Very inviting.

    Cheers - Alison