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Thursday, September 8, 2016

OUT NOW! Time-Travel Romance Set in Galveston, Texas

FAITH AND THE TEXAS LAWYER, A Brides of Texas Code Series, Novella, Book 4

I've had this romance story in my head and heart since I visited Dallas' Heritage Park many years ago. There are old homes, churches, and examples of the city and life of yesteryear. Touring one of the homes, a Time-Travel story began growing in my head and finally, this year, it worked its way onto the page.
When the setting took me to Galveston, Texas in 1900, the only logical thing was to include the hurricane of 1900. There hasn't been a natural disaster in the United States as devastating as 'Isaac's Storm' since. The island was nearly leveled from 140 MPH winds and a 15 ft storm surge. Over 6,000 lives were lost.
I enjoyed writing Faith and the Texas Lawyer and think it's the best book I've written to date. I hope you like it.

   Faith Daniels has had a hard time fitting in all her life, from the time she was left on the steps of a firehouse to her recent divorce. The only time she feels connected is when she rehabs old houses. Often she wishes she could have experienced life in a simpler time. Her current project, a 1900 Galveston mansion, is all she ever wished for and more. When some mysterious force transports her from 2016 to 1900, just prior to the most devastating natural disaster on record, will Faith give up all she has attained in her present life to stay in the past with the sexy turn-of-the- century lawyer?

   Joseph Benning has serious trust issues. He is still recovering from the jolt of being dumped by his fiancĂ© shortly before their wedding. In order to prove to himself he can manage on his own without a woman in his life, he decides to reach outside of his routine and buy a house. Suddenly, a strange woman shows up inside his house telling fantastic stories of disaster and destruction. Will Joe be able to make the right decision and let her go, when it comes time to save her life?


  Joe's hands stilled at her waist, and then bracketed her upper arms. He pulled her to him, lowered his head and kissed her neck just below her ear.
“You smell good.”
“Umm,” Faith crooned, leaning her head to the left to give him better access. “I found a bar of lavender soap in the trunk.”
“It’s more than little purple flowers,” he breathed the words against her temple as his left hand traveled up her neck to clutch a handful of her hair. “You smell down-to-earth, sensible, and exotic. You smell like . . . woman.”
“Wow, you not only kiss like nobody’s business, you talk real nice, too.”

I hope you'll give this Time-Travel Romance a try. I think you'll like it! She's at Amazon for $2.99 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A New Anthology - Summer Solstice

The solstice that marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day, about June 21 in the northern hemisphere.

This is a dictionary definition and one we go by. My husband has mentioned every day since spring that this day was longer than the one previous (did I notice?) and on June 22, he will bemoan the fact that the days are shorter than the one previous. (yes honey, I noticed that, too.)

This year, however, there's something new to mark this event. There is a new anthology/box set that can help extend those oncoming shorter days. The summer's best beach read!

This great group of USA Today and best-selling authors, J.L. Campbell, Sylvie Grayson, P.C. Zick, Nikki Lynn Barrett, Susan Ann Wall, Christine Warner, Jude Ouvrard, Hebby Roman, and moi, Carra Copelin, have put together a collection of full length contemporary novels that tell the stories of friends who've become lovers.

Love comes from the most unexpected places and is sweeter when friends turn into lovers. SUMMER SOLSTICE gives you nine, very different, exciting romances. Dive into a tantalizing selection of full-length romances that feature sexy heroes and their women who make the leap from the security of friendship to the heat and passion of new-found love.

A few snippets:
THE KEY TO MY HEART - Nikki Lynn Barrett - Randy chuckled, then placed his forehead up against hers. He had an arm around her, trailing his fingers along her back. "Last one," he said softly, leaning over for a kiss. "I saw you naked once. Before tonight."

MY BEST MISTAKE - Sylvie Grayson - Jenny has already made a big mistake. Can she risk her heart again, or will this just be another one?
Jordie let her get away the first time, that was his big mistake. He's determined it won't happen again.

SUMMER DREAMS - Hebby Roman - Will Natalia realize her Summer Dreams and win the heart of her childhood friend, Esteban?
Can Esteban overcome his bad boy image and make Natalia love him, as he's loved her, since they were children?

CODE OF HONOR - Carra Copelin - Maggie Benning is determined to establish a successful and independent life for herself and her son, Andy after the death of her husband. Can she overcome past hurt and loss of trust to accept a new love in her life?

SUMMER SOLSTICE is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Nook.  SUMMER SOLSTICE

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Galveston: A City with a History

There are so many cities and towns in Texas that own a piece of my heart. Galveston is but one of them. My first trip to the island was in 1965 when I was a junior at Sam Houston High School. I was a member of Vocational Industrial Training of America, and our class went there to participate at the State Conference.

Image result for galveston beach 1965
Galveston Arial View
You can imagine the fun we had with our first major trip away from home. I think there were eight of us along with our teacher, Mr. Kenneth Pickett, one other teacher I think, and my mother as chaperone. If memory serves, I think my younger brother tagged along, too. We stayed on Seawall Boulevard just across the street from the Gulf of Mexico and the beach.

Image result for galveston beach 1965
Galveston Beach

Image result for galveston beach 1965
Galveston Beach

Image result for galveston beach 1965
The Flagship Hotel

A main attraction for many years was the Flagship Hotel which was built out on a pier into the Gulf. We stayed there once when our kids were small. Unfortunately, it didn't survive Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Image result for galveston beach 1965
Pleasure Pier Present Day

Now they've built a Pleasure Pier with rides and games for tourists.

I'm currently writing another book set in Galveston And I've discovered there were earlier places on the beach for fun and games called The Pavilion, Murdoch's Pavilion, Bath Houses, many of which were destroyed either by fire or hurricanes.

Designed by Nicholas Clayton, the Electric Pavilion at 23rd and the beach became the earliest major beach attraction when constructed in 1881 by the Galveston City Railway Company.  The wood frame building is believed to be the first use of electric lights in Texas.  It was a popular spot for two years before burning on August 1, 1883.  (Courtesy Scott and Holly Hansen, Private Collection).:
The Electric Pavilion 1883

Before the 1900 Hurricane, Galveston was so lush and plush, it was thought of as the Wall Street of the South. Galvestonians liked to call their city the Coney Island of the South. The devastating Hurricane changed all that.

Image result for galveston beach pavilion 1900Image result for galveston beach pavilion 1900

Over six thousand souls were lost on September 8th and 9th, 1900. The island was lost. In order to prevent this devastation from happening again, the people of Galveston built a seawall. Construction began in 1902 and the initial segment completed in 1904. From 1904 to 1963 the wall was extended from 3.3 miles to over 10 miles long. 

Image result for galveston seawall 1900Image result for galveston seawall 1900

After Hurricane Alicia in 1983, the Corp of Engineers estimated that  $100 million in damage was avoided because of the Seawall.

My characters, Faith and Joe, are not the first that I've put through the trials and tribulations of severe storms. Joe's father and step-mother, Ian and Matelyn O'Donnell Benning struggled to survive during the 1875 Galveston Hurricane, in my book, Matelyn and the Texas Ranger. Joe and Faith will have to deal with the aftermath of the 1900 Hurricane, sometimes referred to as Isaac's Storm, and we'll see how they do.

I have an e-book of Matelyn and the Texas Ranger for one commenter, so if you'd like to read about Joe's family before his book comes out this summer, talk to me. Don't leave me lonely down here all by myself.  =D

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Handbags Through History

Handbag fetish or addiction, no matter what you call it, I have it. Yes, I admit it and it's worse than my shoe addiction. Yikes! Geez, this may be worse than I originally thought. But hey, I can't be the only one, right???

Anyway, that's what sprung this idea for our talk today. Purses have shown up throughout time in many shapes and forms. From the earliest of time, both men and women carried pouches to carry sundry bits of importance, like seeds, items of religious significance and medicines. They were made of bits of animal skins, later cloth, and knitted string to look like net. Each might be decorated to personal tastes with shells, feathers and the like.

Traditional wallets began as early as the 16th century, as small leather pouches with a drawstring with which to tie to a belt loop. Women carried sweet bags that held lavender or other scents to freshen their clothing and handkerchiefs. It was around this time pockets were introduced into clothing to carry small personal belongings.

Bettina Feldt's 18th Century Clothes and Accessories

Women also carried bags tied around their waists and worn under their skirts, as seen above.

The mid-1800s showed a variety of handbags from the beaded and embroidered drawstring to a flat style that could be either square or circular in design.

Patterns for these were offered in popular ladies magazines of the day.

Early 20th century saw another change in the style of handbag carried by the modern woman. Two purses I'll share with you belonged to my grandmother, Faith, and her sister, Stella.

They are circa 1910-1915 and I framed them to showcase and preserve them.

 During World War II, shoulder bags became popular and have evolved to include over the arm, clutch, crossbody and tote. Some men briefly carried a messenger or casual bag in the 70's and even today they might be seen carrying one, but purses or handbags are largely used by women. I know I usually carry the kitchen sink. I want to have anything for any situation, a hold over from my mom days, I suppose.

Mother's Day, my son graciously bought me a shiny new handbag that caught my eye at the leather store at Grapevine Mills Mall. It's turquoise with silver hardware. I obviously needed it, and it's prreeetttty. Don't you agree?

Well that's what I have to say today. Chime in and let me know what you think. Do you get as ga-ga as I do over a purse or is there something else that trips your trigger?

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Thursday, May 5, 2016


This amazing series of AMERICAN MAIL-ORDER BRIDES are on sale for a limited time from May 5-9, 2016, for $0.99 ea., with a large number being offered free for Kindle Unlimited members. 50 Brides, 50 States, 45 Authors, all in one Series set in 1890.  American Mail Order Brides

When the mill and her livelihood perish with the fire, Laurel Weidner has no other choice but to answer an ad in the Grooms' Gazette and become a Mail Order Bride. Will she find the peace and long lasting love she seeks in the arms of a stranger?
Griffin Benning needs a mother for his children. Can he find love and happiness with a Mail Order Bride?

5 STARS FOR LAUREL:BRIDE OF ARKANSAS, American Mail-Order Brides Series, Book 25:

**This book was, at times, funny, tender, and exciting. I thought it was hilarious when Laurel assured Griff she could run a household. She talked about handling inconsistancies with the staff and said she would talk with the cook and put his favorite foods on the menu. I really liked Laurel. She looked upon things as challenges not disappointments. She always tried to be cheerful, which was just what Griff needed. Griff was a good man who would do anything to keep his family safe.** 

                                                          Laurel:Bride of Arkansas

Wishing all a very Happy Mother's Day! 
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and Las Vegas

I've just spent the last few days having fun in Las Vegas, Nevada. My daughter, Amye, traveled with me to keep me company, to perform Sherpa duties, and to show me the ropes and a good time( aka: keep me out of trouble. Lol).  Eight years ago, I went there with her and her husband and really did the town up right (I was much younger). This time we stayed close to our own hotel, Harrah's, and the Rio, where the convention was held.

Image result for Rio Hotel

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention was held there in all its glam and glory. If you've never been, Kathryn Falk and her staff always manage to out-do themselves from the year before. There are authors, cover models and wonderful readers.

The halls and elevators are decorated with author pics and their covers. Enthusiastic attendees dress up in costume, to meet their favorite author and join in the fanfare. There is a huge book signing held both Saturday and Sunday giving fans the opportunity to meet authors and cover models. Did I say HUGE?

The most fun I had this year was an event I attended with many of my friends. We belong to an awesome Facebook group of authors and readers of Western Historical Romance, called Pioneer Hearts. It is a place to find out about favorite authors latest releases, discuss favorite books and join exclusive contests, but it is so much more. The people are warm, loving, giving, readers and authors alike, and it feels like home! We held a readers event, Pioneer Hearts Hoedown to meet and greet our friends. There were contests, giveaways, and author swag.

 Here are some pics from a wonderful time.

Meeting my cover artist, Charlene Raddon
Me with a fan talking about Pioneer Hearts

If you'd like to belong to a fantastic group of readers and writers of Western Historical Romance, please check out the Pioneer Hearts Group, You'll be glad you did!

Next year's 2017 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention will be held in Atlanta. I'll be there again for a wonderful time and I'll be looking for you!.

Hugs to all,

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Monday, April 11, 2016


I'm a little late for Women's History month, but it's never really too late to talk about women in history is it? Whether they get mentioned or not, women have always played a part in Texas History. A lot of times, as used to be typical, a woman was the wind beneath a man's wings. I'm not particularly fond of that, but it is what it is. In truth, women played a prominent role in Texas history and here a few.  

Sarah Cockrell (1819-1892), a business woman who built the first iron bridge over the Trinity River in Dallas in 1872. She thought big and invested wisely and set up her own corporations. When she died in 1892, her properties were so extensive that her will had to be published in pamphlet form.

Molly Goodnight (1839-1926) established the first ranch household in the Texas Panhandle in 1877. She rescued orphaned buffaloes, had her own cattle brand, the Flying T and helped establish the Goodnight College in 1898.
Mollie Goodnight

Elizabet Ney

Elizabet Ney (1833-1907) was a renowned sculptor from Bavaria. She
moved to Texas with her husband in 1872. She secured a commission to create statues of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. She became the outspoken advocate of the teaching of fine arts in the state's schools and was instrumental in the founding of the Texas Fine Arts Association.

Minnie Fisher Cunningham
Minnie Fisher Cunningham (1882-1964) was President of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association from 1915 to 1920 and became the first executive secretary of the National League of Women Voters. She was an important leader in the campaign for votes for women on the state and national levels. Graduating in 1901, she was one of the first women in Texas to receive a pharmacy degree from the University of Texas medical school. She ran for but lost races for the U.S. Senate in 1928 and for governor in 1944.

Sarah T. Hughes
Sarah T. Hughes was an attorney, legislator, women's rights activist, United Nations supporter, and Texas' first female state and federal judge. A member of a Dallas law firm from 1923 to 1935. she was elected to her first term in the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat on 1930 and voted "Most Valuable Member" her second term. In 1935, she became Texas' first female district judge and was reelected seven times. She was Dallas County co-chair of the Kennedy-Johnson campaign in 1960, and in the following year, President John F. Kennedy appointed her Texas' first female federal judge. After Kennedy's assassination in 1963, she administered the Presidential oath of office to Lyndon B. Johnson.

These are but a few of the many women who have influenced me and I hope by reading about these women, you'll be inspired to read more about them or look up other influential women in our state of Texas and other states in our great nation.

Thank you for stopping by today. I love seeing y'all here.

Hugs, Carra

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